Scott Ian names the metal band that was his son’s ‘gateway’ to heavy music

Anthrax guitar icon Scott Ian recently sat down with Loudwire to discuss all things rock and metal, and the conversation soon turned to his son, 11-year-old Revel Ian. The chat also covered musical equipment, with Ian introducing a new electric guitar, the Jackson American Series Soloist SL3. (Keep reading to see and hear the instrument.)

Revel is Scott’s child with his wife, the singer Pearl Adaythere is the daughter of the late rocker Mincemeat bread. Aday is Scott’s collaborator in their band together, Motorcycle sister. Like his parents, Revel makes a mark in the music world with the group Honey bee. In fact, the young artist is quickly becoming a remarkable musician in his own right, and he already has another new project on the way.

Like his father, Revel had a significant starting point for entering loud music. Scott has previously discussed that marker in his youth, mainly with KISS and Elton John. However, rock music has progressed – so it makes sense that the watershed band for Revel were masked metalheads Slip knot.

Scott tells Loudwire, “I think for him it was his big thing that opened the door. Like his first big ‘crush,’ you know? For me it was KISS. KISS was the thing that my parents weren’t to that; it was my thing. Of course, my parents didn’t play guitar in a metal band like Revels father. Or his mother who sings in a rock band.”

The Anthrax guitarist continues: “But I think for him Slipknot was the first kind of—I mean, he liked a lot of shit before that, too. But there was something about Slipknot that opened the door to everything else. He looked for shit that came before them, shit that came after them.”

Scott adds, “Slipknot for me — he might correct me if he heard me say this — but for me, the way I see it, Slipknot was his KYS. His gateway to everything else. And that was when he was 5 or 6. “

Jackson guitars

American Series Soloist SL3 finish (Jackson)

Like the guitarists in Slipknot, Scott needs a solid pro-level and lightning fast guitar to do his shredding in Anthrax. This is where the new Jackson American Series Soloist SL3 comes in.

The instrument is a major step forward for Jackson in his quest to deliver the highest quality to guitar players of all stripes. As a high-performance, American-made guitar built for heaviness, the idea is to bring custom craftsmanship to guitars that come off a regular production line.

“It will be the first American production model, as a shop-level custom production model guitar, in Jackson’s history,” explains Scott. “This will be a guitar that will be produced in the USA from the factory in Corona [California].”

The rocker laughs as he adds, “Now, instead of having to wait nine months for a guitar [from the Jackson Custom Shop], I can just play one of these. They are definitely built for me.”

In a video chat with Loudwire, Scott played the new Soloist SL3 and reflected on his long relationship with Jackson, which began back in the early days of Anthrax. Ian currently has his own signature model Jackson King V guitar, and he previously had a signature soloist on the market.

“My first experience with Jackson was at Sam Ash’s in New York City in 1982,” Scott recalls. “I was instantly mesmerized by the sheer awesomeness of the guitars and have been playing them ever since.”

He says Jackson makes “the perfect tool for the job I do, and the American Series Soloist SL3 makes me play better than ever. The neck is lightning fast, the guitar crunches like a beast, and the design is killer. I’ll be,” adds the Soloist to my touring arsenal.”

Jackson guitars

American Series Soloist SL3 (Jackson)

Justin Norvell, VP at Fender, Jackson’s parent company, explains, “Jackson has a DNA unmatched in the heavy music space. Bringing Jackson’s craftsmanship back to its Southern California roots has been a labor of love for all of us. … the neck is unmatched, every pickup absolutely screams and there isn’t a single detail about this guitar that wouldn’t make any shredder proud.”

Fender CEO Andy Mooney says, “Jackson guitars are built to play fast and loud. We want to make sure this generation of heavy musicians have the tools they need to inspire the diverse audiences that love them. We have went to great lengths to make the American Series Soloist SL3 the guitar that defines today’s ever-evolving metal sound. We believe it will appeal to the many touring guitarists who want a top-quality, USA-built Jackson at an affordable price.”

Anthrax recently released the live album Anthrax XLa recording taken from them 40th anniversary live stream last year. The influential”Four big ones“metal band is currently on tour. Watch a preview video for the Jackson American Series Soloist SL3 below and learn more here.

American Series Soloist SL3, proudly crafted from start to finish in Fender’s Corona, California. factory, is a breakthrough in high performance guitars and above all else, is designed for speed. Starting with the classic Speed ​​​​​​​​Neck profile of beloved Jackson Soloists from decades past, the profile has been complemented with masterfully rolled edges for maximum comfort. Complimenting this profile is a compound radius that starts at 12″ at the nut and flattens to 16″ at the 12th fret to encourage screaming bends and intricate fingerwork as players move up the neck. Player-focused features like Luminlay side dots to illuminate the fingerboard on the darkest stages and quick-access truss rod adjustment to make easy adjustments to neck relief ensure the Soloist is always optimized for speed and precision.

The iconic ‘Concorde’ six-on-a-side headstock visually represents the instrument’s precision with its razor-sharp profile. The model is loaded with quality features usually only found in custom domestic builds or import models, including a Floyd Rose 1500 and neck-through construction. With four eye-catching finishes – Riviera Blue, Platinum Pearl, Black Gloss and Slime Green Satin – there’s no mistaking it for any other guitar.

Jackson Guitars, “Origins of Speed”

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