Sammy Hagar: ‘It Ain’t Just One Guy’ Blocks Van Halen Tribute

Sammy Hagar denied rumors that a single fhv Van Halen member holds the long-talked about tribute concert for Eddie Van Halen.

“It’s not just one guy,” Hagar declared during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Trunk Nation. “Alex Van Halen and I don’t speak.”

Hagar went on to detail how he recently tried to contact Van Halen, with whom he has been estranged for years, only to receive silence from the drummer again.

“I contacted Al and he wouldn’t return my call or my email,” Hagar said. “And then I said, ‘You know what?’ Fuck it. It’s not at the top of my list, my agenda. I think Eddie definitely deserves a tribute. … And the whole world would show up, and the whole world would do it.”

Discussions surrounding a tribute to Van Halen have circulated since the guitar great death in October 2020. Recently it was revealed that David Lee Roth and Alex Van Halen had conversations with guitarist Joe Satriani and earlier Metallica bassist Jason Newsted about one potential trip. That concept apparently panned out, and Eddie’s son, Wolfgangturned heads when he suggested “certain personalities just can’t bring themselves to work collectively” towards a tribute.

Many observers assumed the comment was a swipe at singer Roth. However, Hagar, who replaced Roth in Van Halen in 1985, insisted that was not the case.

“I don’t know why people put it on Roth,” Hager remarked to Trunk. “I don’t talk to Dave. And if he did, he’d want to do it without me. I’m sure that’s part of the dysfunction that Wolfie talks about. I’m going to make a statement that I don’t know is true or not, but what do you bet he says, ‘I will only do it if Hagar is not there.’ And if it was, that’s typically Roth, and that’s part of the dysfunction. It’s not like he’s controlling it; it’s just [that] he doesn’t play well with others. And like I said, if Alex came to me and wanted to do it, I’m in. Absolutely – let’s go [and] do it somehow. But Alex still has a stick up his ass about something with me, and he’ll probably take it to his grave. [I made peace with Eddie before he died but] I don’t think I made peace with Al. And I don’t think I will unless he reaches out to me again. I’ve done it about five times now.”

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