Saigon says Keith Murray’s interviews exposed ‘stupid’ people

Saigon has claimed that Keith Murray‘s recent media spree, in which he shares explicit details about his alleged sexual escapades, was an experiment in how easy it is to walk away from controversy.

In a tweet on Thursday (Jan. 5), the New York rapper said Murray planned to do some next-level trolling, and it looks like his plan is working.

“Keith Murray hit me up and said ‘Saigon, I bet UI can be trending overnight… He said these people out here are STUPID and basically sheep who will follow, engage and participate in EVERYTHING’. Guess he was right,” Saigon tweeted .

He concluded: “Are we really that insanely slow in 2023… Lol.”

Keith Murray has been quite the sensation recently sharing details of alleged sexual encounters he had with both Foxy Brown and Shawnna.

In an interview with The art of dialogue in December 2022, The Def Squad rapper spoke about an alleged sexual interaction he had with Foxy, who happened to be in a relationship with Corrupt back then.

“We rocked hardcore, went into the hotel and she gave me hardcore head,” Murray said as he played a scene of Brown allegedly performing oral sex on him. “I ate her pussy but I never fucked her. And then she was with Kurupt at the time so we came out of the hotel after she gave me head and we came and Kurupt came.”

According to Murray, this alleged encounter with the Brooklyn rapper made him lose respect for women.

“That’s when I knew women were no good,” Murray said. “She’s a lead artist that turns me off, married to this guy. But I don’t know if they were married at the time. It was around that era and they were beefing with the other girl Kurupt was with at the time . Words.”

Responding to his claims, Foxy Brown took aim at Murray by shadowing his career. “N-ggaz ain’t pop since I shot Ya,” she wrote in an Instagram Story, referring to his guest appearance on LL COOL J‘s “I Shot Ya (Remix)” in 1995, on which she also appeared.

In the same interview, Murray also claimed that he once performed oral sex on her Shawnna. He claimed he met with the former Disturbing Tha Peace rapper at a Miami hotel where the alleged incident took place.

“Shawnna was laying in bed like this [laid seductively]so I got on the bed and I touched her feet and massaged her,” he said. “Then I started massaging her legs, then boom, I started eating her pussy.”

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Murray admitted he “never fucked her” but suggested he “could have had two or three or four kids with her now” if he wanted to.

Shawna fired back in a post on Instagram where she vehemently denied ever engaging in sexual acts with the Def Squad rapper.

“If you all hear bc of Keith you can go back home. I know you leafheads stick together,” she wrote in an Instagram post. “Goofy bitches, I could agree, you stupid mf.”

“You all believe in anything. Get help,” she added in her caption.

Shawnna later reconsidered her stance and took the high road, saying she was “praying” for Murray and expressed how people around the Long Island rapper should be “ashamed” of themselves.

“Real talk: Keith has the wrong people around him,” Shawnna said in her post. “You should be ashamed of yourselves. He’s a legend.”

“I had to take a break and really get off the social media BULLSHIT!!! I’ve never met that man but obviously I need to!” she added in her caption. “I would NEVER let a legend disgrace himself in public if I was in his circle.. I’m praying for you Keith and if you want to talk I’m here.”

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