Romeo Miller denies the Master P feud was made public

Romeo Miller has refuted the public theory that his latest feud with his father Master P was a publicity stunt prior to his return to Hip-hop is growing up.

During a recent appearance at Rap snacks disrupt the 2023 conference, the former child star was asked if his fallout and reconciliation with P would play out on the show, which he returned to last week after two seasons away from the reality series. Romeo immediately addressed the internet chatter that insinuated that he was publicizing his family beef as a way to promote him HUH come back.

“The funny thing is, I shot it before all that,” he said BallerAlert. “So people said this is for publicity and this and that. But my thing is this is just about life. And if you’re going to be a celebrity, if you’re going to be a public figure, you’re going to have to let some things bleed out and deal with it and try to use it as an example for others to learn from you.

He continued: “And it’s about communication, that’s all.” No family is perfect. You see the lives of other celebrities. If you’re in the public eye, if you’re a celebrity, the things you want to show come out and the things you don’t want to show. And you have to be strong enough to know who you are, what you stand for, to deal with the ridicule and misunderstanding that comes with it.”

The father and son duo became embroiled in a bitter back-and-forth just before Christmas, with both men airing their grievances with each other on social media. Their week-long debate started after the elder Miller posted a tribute to the deceased Stephen “tWitch” bosswho died by suicide on 14 December.

Romeo did not appreciate his father honoring the tWitch, but did not do the same for his daughter Tytyana Miller, who died of an accidental drug overdose in May. The next thing that happened was a series of shots from both sides, with Romeo claims his father is living a lie and withholding his earningsand Master P says his son must grow up while accusing him of tearing the family apart.

But as 2022 drew to a close on December 31, Master P and Romeo came together to hash out their differences and leave their problems in the past. The “My Baby” rapper shared news of their reconciliation in an Instagram post that saw him and his father embrace each other while revealing they had some “very tough conversations” to mend their relationship.

Master P shared the same photo on his own Instagram pagealong with a message that emphasizes growth, self-responsibility, family unity and focus on the future.

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Despite his own complicated relationship with his father, Romeo Miller revealed that he is enjoying fatherhood so much that he hopes to give his 11-month-old daughter many siblings one day.

“I got baby fever,” he said at the same time BallerAlert interview. “I don’t know if I’m going to be Nick Cannon, but I wouldn’t mind 10 babies right now. Babies have gotten me through all the struggles. I’ve been through a lot of things in life and my daughter just looks into her eyes , see that baby smile, when I’m tired, she’s next to me [trying to talk]and wakes up so happy.

“It’s the purest love ever,” he concluded. “And I love babies. I think I’m a great dad, so if anyone was going to have a lot of kids, it would probably be me.”

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