Roger Waters Prepares ‘Lockdown Sessions’ Album

Roger Waters is preparing a full album of material gathered during his lockdown sessions, performed during the height of the pandemic.

“There’s an album coming. A new album called The Lockdown Sessions“, Waters confirmed during an appearance on Grayzone podcast. “I’ve given all these things away. They’re all out there, anyone can find them on the Internet.”

Beginning in May 2020 and through 2022, Waters recorded home versions of various Pink Floyd classics as well as his own solo material. “Mother”, “Vera” and “Bring the Boys Back Home” from the 1979s The wallas well as “Two Suns in the Sunset” and “The Gunners Dream” from Final Cut is among the songs Waters recorded for the project. Each track was shared with fans via YouTube or social media, but now they’re being compiled into a cohesive piece.

The songs have reportedly all been mastered for the album, while recently released “Comfortably Numb 2022” – a remake of Pink Floyd’s famous 1980 single – will also be part of the LP.

While a release date has yet to be officially confirmed, Waters did issue a mysterious one tweet shows footage of a deserted street. The clip’s title said “streaming everywhere on December 9th”, leading many fans to assume that this will be it The Lockdown Sessions‘ release.

In the Grayzone interview, Waters also confirmed that he is working on a new studio album built around his song “The bar,” a piano ballad that also arose during the pandemic lockdown. The tune has become a recent focal point of Waters’ concerts, performed in all but one of his shows in 2022.

The former Pink Floyd rocker is set to return to the road in March when his This Is Not a Drill tour resumes in Europe.

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