Rockers name the best songs to get people into their bands

No matter how big of a superfan you may be of a certain artist, there was a time when you had never heard any of their music before. Sometimes it’s hard to think back to a time when it was new to you, but we all started somewhere.

If you dig a little in your memory, you might remember the first time you heard a song by a musician for the very first time and how you felt when you heard it. Maybe you were excited because it was unlike anything you’d heard before, or maybe it took a while to grow on you.

Your taste and style can change over time – one study at the University of Cambridge report that adapting to different life stages specifically changes as we age. So maybe there’s a new artist you’ve heard a lot of hype about and want to try to get into. First impressions are hard to erase, so it’s important that you choose a good track to start with. Fortunately, some rockers have already done the work for you, choosing which songs they think should serve as an introduction to their music.

Evanescence front woman Amy Lee, Tool‘s Maynard James Keenan and Cereal‘s Jonathan Davis are among the artists who have singled out an exact song that they believe serves as a good entry into their song catalog, and for a variety of reasons. Some of them chose their most popular track, while others chose something fresh and new so that potential fans can hear a more authentic example of where they are now musically.

Scroll through the images below to see the songs rockers have chosen as the best intro tracks for their bands.

Artists name the best song to introduce people to their bands

These are the numbers where fandom begins.

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