Rock music is currently having a moment on Spotify’s Viral Top 50

Rock music is currently making waves in a viral fashion Spotify. This week, three rock bands fill out the Spotify rankings that the music streaming service uses to track viral hits in the US on its platform — and one band has more than one song on it.

That location would be Viral 50 – USA playlist, Spotify’s well-known barometer of the most popular tracks currently delighting listeners from the state. But is it shocking that more rock songs appear on it now?

For the week of Nov. 7, the anthem “Just Pretend” by the alt-metal quartet Bad omens sits at No. 5 on the Viral 50. Then there’s “About You,” a U2-like ballad of pop-rockers 1975 it is at No. 19.

And the proggy math rock act Polyphy has No. 41 and No. 44 places with two collaborations from Remember you will dietheir new album released last month.

Listen to the Spotify Viral 50 playlist below.

“Just Pretend” sticks around for the Noah Sebastian-led Bad Omens after going viral TikTok. Loud music lovers on the video sharing app have been using the single from this year The death of peace of mind to show the power of emotional rock lyrics, as in this example.

1975’s “About You” is a new entry on the Viral 50 that just appeared last month on Matty Healy-fronted the group’s latest album, Being funny in a foreign language. (Healy might not be a big fan of metal, though. In August, he called Metallica his”worst band ever.”)

Polyphia’s “Ego Death”, No. 44, features the legendary guitar shredder Steve Vai. “ABC,” a Polyphia song now at No. 41, featuring pop/R&B singer Sophia Black. (Polyphia guitarist Tim Henson recently thought that it is “not really cool“being in a metal band.)

Spotify says its Viral 50 for the US is updated weekly with the most shared, trending tracks across the country. there is also one Viral 50 – Global playlist on Spotify.

Listen to all the aforementioned songs below.

Bad Omens, “Just Pretend” (Audio)

1975, “About You” (Audio)

Polyphia feat. Sophia Black, “ABC” (Music Video)

Polyphia feat. Steve Vai, “Ego Death” (Music Video)

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