Rock + Metal bands that played over 150 shows in a year

For a band to play 150 shows in a year, they have to have stamina. Touring musicians must also be lucky. To do at least 150 shows in a year, a band has to play a gig (roughly) every two and a half days. That means dodging illnesses, tour bus breakdowns, personality conflicts, etc., anything that can get in the way of keeping a tight schedule. Not to mention, they can still take a few vacations and just get a few days of rest with the family.

According to information searched from, these 26 bands that made the cut had at least one year playing over 150 shows. The band that had the most was six years with over 150 shows. What makes it even crazier is that they did it in a row. In a row. (They must have run on steam.)

There is a good variety of genres on this list. Rock, heavy metal, punk, grunge, hair metal, progressive and nu-metal are all well represented. What might be even more interesting are the big road warriors that didn’t make the cut. Quite a lot Bands that have played over 2000 shows in their careers, which Alice Cooper and KISS, has not been able to draw 150 in a year. Some run marathons, some run sprints, we suppose.

Another interesting note: it makes sense that as bands get bigger and older and their stage productions get crazier, it will become harder to do more shows in a year. Even if the demand to see a band is very high, it is difficult to transport all that stuff, plan, create energy for 150 massive stadium tours in a year (see WHO and The rolling stones.) But some artists have distanced themselves from that trend (AC/DC and Bruce Springsteen.)

Check it out below, from least to most, the bands that have played over 150 shows in a year.

Rock + Metal bands that played 150 shows in one year

These bands had intense touring schedules. So many shows, so little rest!

Rock + Metal bands that have played over 2,000 shows

How many of these bands have you seen? How many more than once?

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