Rock + Metal bands that don’t have a guitarist

Does a single instrument define the sound of rock and metal music? If you have to choose one, the guitar is an easy choice. Some people might argue that if you don’t have a guitar in your band than you can’t know definitionbe a rock band.

Well, below are 10 bands that will politely (or not) tell those people to f*%k off. These bands have managed to rock very hard without having a guitarist. Some have devised clever ways to get a guitar sound by using instruments adjacent to the guitar. Some bands have even come up with clever ways to sound like they have a guitar without an instrument at all! But most of these bands have enough time in their music that, mind you, they DON’T EVEN USE A GUITAR.

There are a few trends that emerged when this list was compiled. First, two-piece bands with only a drummer and a bassist seem to work well without a guitarist if they have the guts to really pull off an energetic show. Second, if you want to play metal without a guitar, doom metala subgenre that relies on slower tempos and a “thicker sound” than regular heavy metal seems to be the choice.

Check out these guitarless heroes below.

Rock + Metal bands that don’t have a guitarist

They manage to rock out without rock music’s most popular instrument.

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