How working with Metallica and Ozzy was different for Robert Trujillo

Robert Trujillo say Metallica‘s James Hetfield and former boss Ozzy Osbourne liked his approach to bass – but in different ways.

He played with Osbourne in the 90s before joined Metallica in 2003. Recently Trujillo reunited with Osbourne for Black Sabbath icon’s latest solo album, Patient number 9

“It was great to be with Ozzy again and have his energy,” says Trujillo Revolver. “At one point we were actually jamming on some Sabbath songs. ‘War Pigs’ was one of them and it was a lot of fun because [drummer] Chad [Smith] had never played a Sabbath song with Ozzy, so he was just beaming with happiness.”

Trujillo said the good vibes were badly needed. “There was a lot of that kind of energy going on at the time,” he added, “and it was just a great place to be when everything just seemed sad in the world at the time. So I was very grateful that we were able to have that experience together and share those moments of creativity.”

Of course, the sessions inevitably reminded Trujillo of his previous tenure with Osbourne. “Ozzy used to say to me, ‘Rob, you know I’m your best friend, man. I’m your best friend because I love the bass. I don’t want you to reject it. I want you to turn it up!’” Trujillo recalled. “You know, singers never say that!

“I mean, the only other singer who ever said that to me was Lady Gaga when we jammed with her with Metallica – and James kind of looked over and said, “What?” Trujillo said. “James loves bass. He just doesn’t want to hear the bass when he’s trying to sing and kind of take over his sound bubble, you know.”

Trujillo also noted how the instrument is featured in both Black Sabbath and Osbourne’s solo work: “Bass was very important to both bands, and to me as a bass player, you’re a kid in a candy store, you know what I mean? ” Trujillo said. “A lot of times people say, ‘Oh, it’s about the guitar in Ozzy’s bands.’ But no, it’s also about the bass – it’s about everything. It’s like a power trio with a fantastic, incredibly soulful singer.”

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