The Dream Set List for Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show: The Critics’ Choice

It’s hard to believe that nearly two decades after her debut album and many hit singles, pop superstar Rihanna has yet to perform at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. But in 2023 she will finally get her chance.

The NFL confirmed On Sunday (September 25), the “We Found Love” singer will take the stage for the Halftime Show of Super Bowl LVII in February. 12, 2023. Rihanna herself appeared to confirm the news, posting a shot of her hand with a soccer ball as the rumors swirled on social media.

The announcement immediately got fans talking: Which one guest stars will join her during the show? Does that mean that her long awaited ninth studio album coming? How will she integrate her Fenty beauty and fashion lines into the show?

But one looming question stands out among the rest: What will a Rihanna Halftime Show even look like? Her discography, complete with eight full albums, the third-most No. 1 singles in the history of Billboard Hot 100, and a set of pounding B-sides means there’s more than enough material for Rihanna to choose from. But which songs will she choose, especially considering Super Bowl Halftime shows average 12 to 15 minutes?

Even choosing an extended list of songs for the maximum amount of time she could spend on stage is a nearly impossible job, which means some fan-favorite songs have to be left on the cutting room floor. So, Billboard decided to tackle the unenviable task of putting together a dream set list for RiRi’s highly anticipated performance that encapsulates the star’s massive musical impact throughout her career.

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