Rick Nielsen misses cheap trick shows after minor procedure

Cheap trick announced the guitarist Rick Nielsen has undergone a minor medical procedure and that he will miss some shows as a result.

The band has one running North American tour dates in early November before returning to Japan until December. 2, after which they will play two more US shows to complete their 2022 commitments.

Singer Robin Zander‘s son will fill in during Nielsen’s absence.

“A few days ago Rick had a minor procedure that requires him to stay off the road this week and not travel,” Cheap Trick wrote on social media. “Robin Taylor Zander is going up this weekend. We look forward to Rick joining the guys on the west coast later next week.”

Zander Jr. has been a member of the live lineup since 2014, mainly providing guitar and backing vocals, but last year he covered Tom Petersson’s bass duties while the older musician recovered from heart surgery. In August 2022, he told Rolling stones that the only role he hasn’t helped out with to date was taking over his father’s lead vocals. “I could do it, but I won’t,” he said.

“My dad’s got a different kind of gear that he can hit when he sings. He’s a freak of nature. I can’t do what he does, and he’s also a really healthy guy who has literally never walked miss a concert. But if anyone was going to do it at some point, if only for one night, it would be me.”

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