Red Hot Chili Peppers Lick New Release ‘Tippa My Tongue’: ‘It’s Got P-Funk In It’

Four and a half months after releasing his last album, Unlimited lovethat Red Hot Chili Peppers begin the campaign for it Next title, The return of the dream canteenwith a new single and video, “Tippa My Tongue.”

The sinewy funk-rock track is reminiscent of the Chili Peppers of yesteryear, with frontman Anthony Kiedis playing with lyrical double entenders until he declares, “I believe in love, perfectly receive love.”


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See the latest videos, charts and news

“There’s a lot of different stuff in there. To me, it’s got a lot of hooks in it,” says drummer Chad Smith Billboard. “It’s got P-Funk in it. I hear George (Clinton in it) and some Hendrixy candy. It’s a nice gumbo. I thought it would be a good first cone coming off that (album). It sounds like us, but new. I think that’s cool.”

Smith adds that “a lot of different things” also describe the rest of the The return of the dream canteen, which will be published Oct. 14 on Warner Records. The album is taken from the same sessions with producer Rick Rubin, who produced Unlimited love, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 in April. It marked guitarist John Frusciante’s return to the lineup for a third stint after an 11-year absence, and the Chili Peppers’ first album with Rubin since I am with you in 2011.

“We just want to let them have less,” Smith says, before adding that “it was just the four of us in a room and we just wrote a lot of music and wrote and wrote with no time constraints and ended up recording everything. these songs . We always record more than what comes out on a record, but often they get left in the vault or unfinished or whatever. But we finished them all. We just felt like we had too many good songs not to put out another record. It’s not like a B-side record or anything like that. Everything felt good and right, so yeah, it’s all good.”

Smith feels it The return of the dream canteen “stand alone” from Unlimited lovealthough listeners will find sonic similarities “because it was all done at the same time and recorded in the same place. So it has continuity in that way. We thought about it a little bit before Unlimited love come out; we thought, ‘These (songs) go together here and these go together there, and look, we have two things, both good.’

In announcing the upcoming album, the band stated that it is “easily as meaningful as (Unlimited Love)…Return of the Dream Canteen is all we are and ever dreamed of being. It is packed. It is made with our heart’s blood.”

Smith is reluctant to describe it in detail – “I hate telling people what to think,” he explains – but agrees that it’s as eclectic as anything the band has previously released.

“It has a bit of everything,” he says. “It definitely has some different flavors than (Unlimited love) and the other way around. I think that is a good thing. I don’t think we’re repeating ourselves. So typical chili peppers. It’s just a mix of everything.”

Smith attributes the group’s productivity to concentrated time off the road due to the pandemic, as well as Frusciante’s return to the band. “I thought the John ship had sailed,” the drummer admits. “Eleven years went by and he kind of did his own thing. So I was surprised; Anthony says, ‘How about John coming back in the band.’ Wow! Really?! That wasn’t on my radar.

“But he’s a unique person and an incredible musician, as we all know. To have the opportunity to play with him and write with him again and perform again, that’s something we don’t take lightly and embrace and want to do again . And when we first started fading together, it just felt natural. For whatever reason, the four of us, when we work together, we make this thing that’s special, and there’s really a chemistry, and chemistry is everything with a band. If I could bottle it, everybody would have something.”

When “Tippa My Tongue” comes out, the Chili Peppers are in the middle of the North American leg of it Global Stadium Tour, which encloses Oct. 16 at the Austin City Limits Festival in Austin, Texas. The group travel to Australia and New Zealand from Jan. 21, and is also expected to play other territories during 2023.

“When Live Nation approached us and said… we think you can do stadiums, we were like, ‘What? Wow, I don’t know, but it’s going really well,'” says Smith. “People are so happy to be going to gigs again and we’re happy to play them again, so it’s this mutual feeling of joy and relief. And I humbly say that we play very well and Anthony sings better than ever and John is really dedicated and into it. There are many smiling faces now.”

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