Red Hot Chili Peppers tease Eddie Van Halen-inspired song ‘Eddie’

Red Hot Chili Peppers has teased the release of a new song called “Eddie,” inspired by the legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen.

In a 57-second clip uploaded to the band’s Twitter account, fans got their first taste of the track. Instead of the explosive bombast of Van HalenThe Red Hot Chili Peppers seem to be sticking to their own signature sound.

The clip opens with a guitar voice similar to the band’s 2002 hit “By the Way,” before John Frusciante embarks on an emotional melody. About the 30 seconds, frontman Anthony Kiedis delivers vocals that clearly reference the late guitar god.

“Sailing on the Sunset Strip, I’m a bit of a king / Grandma wanna take a ride, I wanna bend the strings / Got hammers in both my hands, such a delicate touch / They say I’m from Amsterdam, do that make me Dutch ?”

In a separate part of the song, uploaded to Youtube by fan account Chili Rare, Kiedis can be heard repeating the line: “Please don’t remember me for what I did last night / Please don’t remember me loud and clear.”

Listen to the clip of “Eddie” below. The full song will be released in September. 23 and will feature on the band’s upcoming album The return of the dream canteen.

Like rockers and music fans the world over, the Red Hot Chili Peppers were upset with Van Halen’s death in October 2020.

“Oh man, bless his beautiful creative heart,” Flea tweeted back then. “I love you Eddie Van Halen, an LA boy, a true rocker. I hope you’re with Jimi tonight. Break through to the other side bro.”

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