R. Kelly silenced Aaliyah and her family with post-cancellation NDAs

R. Kelly allegedly silenced Aaliyah and her family with multiple non-disclosure agreements following their short-lived marriage and annulment in 1994.

The revelations were made in the latest installment of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly: The Final Chapter docu-series. The NDA between both parties was used as evidence against the disgraced R&B singer in his 2022 federal trial.

According to court documents, Baby Girl and Kellz were secretly married in an illegal ceremony in August 1994 when she was just 15. The wedding took place using forged documents that showed Aaliyah was 18 years old, while Kelly was 27 at the time . The late singer’s parents forced her to annul the marriage months later in February 1995.

In a new episode of Surviving R. Kellythat 12 Games hitmaker’s childhood friend and former security guard Save Pratt claimed that Aaliyah’s father was angry about the secret marriage and forced the annulment. To avoid any legal action against him, Kelly reportedly got Aaliyah’s family to sign an NDA in exchange for the financial rights to his first three albums.

Journalist Jim DeRogatis added of the NDA: “It’s a chilling document. A non-disclosure agreement from both her side and Kelly’s that promised not to pursue further legal claims for physical abuse. So it wasn’t just an underage sexual relationship, he hit her, allegedly according to that court document.”

Kelly worked with a teenage Aaliyah as the primary songwriter and producer on her 1994 debut album Age is nothing but a number after they were introduced by her uncle Barry Hankerson.

“Her father didn’t want her around [R. Kelly]” said Pratt. “This was not a one-man operation. Most people in that camp knew that many of these girls were minors. They had to.”

Another survivor of Kelly’s abuse named Ebonié Doyle described a case of Surviving R. Kelly where she accidentally stumbled upon a sex tape involving R. Kelly with a young Aaliyah.

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“I see this basket full of tapes and I think, ‘Well, maybe I’ll just take one of these tapes and let me go into the other rooms and see if there’s a VHS so I can watch a movie.'” because I was bored,” Doyle said. “That’s when I discovered he had lied to me about Aaliyah.

“The tape I put in was of him and Aaliyah together. What I saw on that tape was him and Aaliyah being intimate. They were on the tour bus and everything I had asked him was confirmed on the tape .”

When Kelly caught her, an argument ensued over the tape and he ended up pushing her down a flight of stairs.

R. Kelly is currently serving a 30-year sentence at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago after be found guilty of one count of extortion and eight counts of violating the Mann Act in 2021.

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