Quentin Miller: ‘I’ve Never Had a Good Experience with Meek Mill’

Quentin Miller became a war victim in Meek Molle and Drake‘s beef back in 2015, and it turns out that even before that, the songwriter never had a good experience with Meek.

In an interview with VladTV released Sunday (Jan. 8), Miller opened up about his feelings on seeing everyone from the beef, including DJ Drama, reunite and be cool — but leave him out of the equation. While discussing Meek, he admitted that they never had a good experience so he didn’t expect much from him, but that Drama was a different story.

“I mean, yeah, it just felt like it was all worthless, it was all pointless,” Miller said of watching everyone push the beef. “Honestly, the Meek thing – I’ve never had a good experience with Meek Mill. I remember one time Rick Ross had me and Mack, Wedding Crashers, pull us up to The Promise Land… and Meek was there just by chance and he kept attacking me.

“I never got positive vibes from Meek,” he continued. “So I don’t really expect anything from Meek. But it really is the Drama and Drake situation. Even though Drama and Drake link up for the Jack Harlow video And everything. Shout out to Jack Harlow. I have no problem with Jack Harlow.”

He added: “But it’s like damn, how do you guys do the reunited thing, we’re all good without QM? Like I’m literally at the center of the whole shit. Then he left on his interview with Rory and Mal and he just talked about me in the past tense like, ‘You know, hey man, he was the one’ and, ‘Sorry that happened’.”

“But you’re one of the biggest entities in music. Drake is probably the biggest entity in music. You all have the power to fix it. Why do you act like you don’t? And why do you talk about it this way? Unless that’s the way you want it? And if that’s the way you want it, why?”

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He went on to reiterate that his main problem was with Drama more than anyone else.

“So it was kind of lame for me. I felt more about it for Drama than I did for Meek,” Miller said. “I don’t expect anything from Meek. I got the message from day one. You don’t fuck with me, you don’t care about me. It is what it is. I don’t expect shit from that guy. But from Drama it was strange. And I’m still cool with Cannon. It’s still love with Lake. They check on me every now and then.

“But don’t act like it’s just not something we can do. Yes it is! It’s definitely something you all can do,” he concluded. “But you know it is what it is. I don’t want you to fuck me if you don’t really fuck me.

In earlier part of his Vlad interview Quentin Miller revealed that he was never properly compensated for his work with Drake — due to a “terrible” publishing deal with Grammy-winning producer/songwriter Tricky Stewart.

“I never got a single release mark on any songs,” Miller said. “I had to feed my family being paid under the table in that situation because Tricky and them wouldn’t let me go. I didn’t get out of that deal until 2019, 2020; I signed [it in] 2011. I had to let go of a lot of crap just to get out.

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