Quentin Miller Says Nas Called Him ‘One of the Dumbest New Rappers’

Quentin Miller has revealed U.S once praised his talent as a rapper, but claims their relationship has soured in the aftermath The King’s Disease III.

In a recent interview, Miller said Vlad TV that due to fans’ assumption that he was a ghostwriter on Nas and Hit-Boys latest project, he feels he may not get the chance to work with the Queensbridge rapper again.

The conversation was sparked by a discussion about the role Quentin Miller played in the beef between Meek Molle and DrakeWhich one DJ Drama spoke over the summer. Nas’ name came up when Miller talked about the way his career has been affected by the stigma of ghostwriting in Hip Hop.

“You understand how unfortunate it feels to be…” he began before trailing off. “Even with the Nas situation. I respect Nas and love Nas like any other rapper in this world. To get an opportunity to work with him and him telling me, ‘Yo man, you’re one of the dumbest new rappers I’ve heard.’ I’m taking this in. This is a big deal.”

Unfortunately, Quentin Miller explained, the tables tend to turn when his work with an artist is published.

“You get an opportunity to work with someone and then people find out,” he added. “Then they tear him down because he worked with you. Instead of, ‘Look at you…damn, you must be a fool.’ That’s what you expect. But it’s not like that. It turns out, that they get burned up, so they look at you crazy, and then they don’t want anything to do with you at all.”

Shortly after the release of KDIIIMiller cleared the air afterward comments he had made about writing for Nas went viral for all the wrong reasons. The rapper/songwriter performed at New Rory & MAL podcast in September, where he talked about lending his pen to the legendary MC, among other prominent Hip Hop and R&B artists.

Miller’s comments flew under the radar until a clip of his interview circulated on Twitter in late November, sparking plenty of discussion among rap heads about longstanding rumors that Nas uses ghostwriters.

Quentin Miller says he was never properly paid to write Drake songs

After catching wind of the conversation, Quentin Miller – who is credited as a co-writer on Nas’ The King’s Disease II track “The Pressure” — hopped on Instagram on Nov. 29 to set the record straight. In an impassioned video, the Atlanta native explained how Hit-Boywith whom he has worked closely for years, connected him with Nas, and he simply threw out “some ideas” in the studio, and a few of them stuck.

“I pulled up on Hit-Boy, I’m in the room, I bounce some ideas out, and off we go,” he said. “Clean it up. I just rejected some ideas, a few ideas won. That’s it, that’s all that happened with the Nas shit.”

Miller also defended his decision to speak publicly about the artists he has worked with, pointing out that it is common practice for songwriters.

“I also mentioned other artists that I worked with! From G-Eazy to Jeremiah to Ty Dolla $ign — I mentioned other artists!” he added. “Writers post their work and talk about their work all the time. You know why? It helps with writing. When people know you were a part of certain things, it makes people more likely to work with you. It’s part of the job.”

During his conversation with DJ Vlad, Quentin Miller reiterated that when he talks about the work he’s done with artists, it’s never done with malicious intent.

“I’m not trying to take the limelight or credit from any of these artists that I work with,” he concluded. “I’m glad they value my ideas. It blows my mind that they value my ideas. Because I look up to these guys like everybody else. It just ruins it.”

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