Punk guitarists are overqualified for their jobs

Never underestimate a punk or pop-punk guitarist, because some of them have chops far beyond the perceived boundaries of punk.

The simplicity of pop-punk is part of the reason the genre exploded in the ’90s and 2000s, but one of pop-punk’s biggest bands had a legit metal shredder in their arsenal. Total 41‘s Dave ‘Brownsound’ Baksh is known for his solo on “In Too Deep,” but it’s on songs like “The Bitter End” where his thrash-inspired shredding really breaks loose. Be sure to check out Dave crush Sum 41’s Metallica medley also.

El Hefe knew nothing about punk rock when he was recruited to NOFX. With a background in traditional Latin American music, Hefe is a purveyor of many styles and he brought his technical prowess to NOFX cuts like “A Perfect Government” and “Eddie, Bruce and Paul.” He’s also a hell of a singer and trumpet player, which makes him perhaps one of the most multi-faceted artists in punk.

All the old timers out there will tell you about Billy Zoom. A punk pioneer, Zoom helped form Los Angeles punk legends X in 1977, bringing more of a rockabilly edge to the unique punk band. When his contemporaries kept things simple and sloppy, Zoom remained surgical and tasteful, and he continued to do so into the 70s.

Check out these punk guitarists who are overqualified for their jobs in the tall list below.

Punk guitarists are overqualified for their jobs

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