The Pretenders joined by Dave Grohl for the Taylor Hawkins Tribute

That Pretenders was joined by Dave Grohl by Taylor Hawkins tribute concert in London on Saturday.

“If there’s one band that Taylor and I shared a musical love for, it’s this band that we spent many nights singing and dancing with,” Grohl said while founding the Pretenders Chrissie Hynde and Martin Chambers took the stage.

But Grohl didn’t go far and strapped on a bass as Hynde launched into a gritty and punk version of “Precious.” It was the first of two songs taken from the Pretenders’ 1979 self-titled debutfollowed by “Tattooed Love Boys.”

Despite not having played together in almost three years Hynde, Chambers and longtime guitarist James Walbourne showed no signs of rust. Grohl was a perfect fit for them. “Is there anything he can not play?” Hynde laughed and added, “Well, he’s married, so I probably won’t find out.”

Hynde paid tribute to Hawkins, saying: “He loved me, but I loved him more.” She noted that the next song they were to play was “one that Taylor would have asked for” as the band slid into “Brass in Pocket”.

In 2019, Hynde appeared on Hawkins’ third and final album with his solo band, Coattail Riders, Get the money. Hynde sang vocals on LP’s title trackwhich also featured guest appearances from Joe Walsh and Duff McKagan.

Hawkins completed the album between his Foo Fighters obligations. “I have a home studio,” he said in an interview with Billboard in 2019. “And even though the Foo Fighters tour a lot, we do it on two-three week legs and then have a couple of weeks off. So I’d write stuff on the road, and then when I was home I’d sneak over to the guest house , where my studio is, and make tracks.”

Before working with her on “Get the Money,” Hawkins had never met Hynde. The drummer admitted at the time that the Pretenders’ frontwoman called the album title “juvenile”.

“Tough, man,” he said. “She’s a tough girl. But I’ve caught her sweet side.”

In May, Hynde acknowledges Hawkins’ death in a Facebook post. “I’m still reeling from the sudden departure of Taylor Hawkins,” she said. “You know, I sang on his album, talked to him a hundred times on the phone (about bands, bands and more bands) but never actually got to meet him face-to-face. He was in London a few years ago and invited me to go out with him and his wife to go for a walk around town, but I came down with something (Covid? I’ll never know for sure). So bumped. He was a happy personality.”

ONE second tribute concert for Hawkins is scheduled to take place in Los Angeles on Sept. 27.

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