P!nk hits the production aisle in a fun promo for ‘Never Gonna Not Dance Again’ single

P!nk has found a creative way to get the word out about her upcoming single, “Never Gonna Not Dance Again.” In a short promo video that dropped Wednesday morning (November 2), the singer slips into a red apron — over a sparkly pink tank top and bold gold chain — to hype her latest brand extension.

“Excuse me, do you want to try a free sample? They’re spicy as f–k!,” she says as she snaps gum and mans the sample station for her mouth-watering array of crunchy snacks in the produce aisle. Well, she hasn’t been on hard times . The fun promo bit is part of the setup for “Never Gonna Not Dance Again,” which was produced by Grammy winners Max Martin and Shellback, who co-wrote the song with P!nk. The track is described in a release as “a euphoric and joyous ode to dancing through the tough times.” The upcoming video, also out Friday (November 4), was co-directed by the singer and creative duo Nick & RJ.

To keep the spicy bit going, the caption for the clip reads: “Spicy AF! Called for your chance to win a free sample?! Dial 1-888-262-PINK #NGNDA is out on Friday.”

And what happens when you call the toll-free line? Well, you hear P!nk say, “Hey, you’ve reached P!nk, creator of Vicious B—-es Chips’es,” then she offers three options. Press one and you can hear a sneak preview of the single, which is, as promised, a bouncy, life-affirming bop where she sings: “Never gonna not dance again/ I’m never gonna not dance again/ Oh, you just wanna pop and lock to my records/ There go all my clothes/ Never won’t dance again.”

The second option gives you a text with a link to get more updates on the song, while the third option takes you to today’s tip: “If you’re around someone who sucks all the air out of the room, go to another room. ”

“Never Gonna” is the follow-up to July’s more current “Irrelevant,” where she addressed virtually every major issue in American politics today. “Girls just wanna have rights / So, why do we have to fight,” she asks in the song’s bridge in her response to the then-recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. The singer will perform at the upcoming American Music Awards in November. 20, where she will appear alongside Carrie Underwood, Imagine Dragons, JID, Thames, Wizkid and Yola.

Watch P!nk’s Chips promo videos below.

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