Photos: Metallica’s James Hetfield Through the years

Can we have a collective ‘Yeeeeaaaaaahhh’? It is deserved because Aug. 3 marks the birthday of one James Alan Hetfield of Metallica!

The singer-guitarist has had a prolific career filled with many lasting memories, and his band will always be credited as one of the pioneers of the early 80s thrash metal sound that inspired so many.

Hetfield was a founding member of the group, starting the band back in 1981 after answering a classified ad in the back of The recycler placed by drummer Lars Ulrich. The imposing, shaggy-haired rocker took lead vocals and played guitar in the band’s first incarnation, helping the group turn heads with their 1983 breakout Kill them all.

As the 80s continued, the band continued to raise the bar and saw their profile rise with it RID the lightning, Master of Puppets and And justice for all, before becoming a mainstream phenomenon with 1991’s self-titled “black” album. In the decades that followed, Metallica rose to the ranks of the biggest band in the metal world thanks to load, Reload, St. Anger, Death magnetic and Hardwired … to self-destruct album.

Outside of music, Hetfield has become increasingly involved in film and television, serving as narrator and voice talent on a few projects and also landing his first significant feature film acting role in 2019’s Extremely evil, shockingly evil and disgusting.

Join us in celebrating James Hetfield’s birthday as we reflect on his looks over the years in the gallery below.

James Hetfield: Over the years

Metallica: A Photo Timeline of Their Remarkable Career

Metallica: A Photo Timeline of Their Remarkable Career

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