See captivating images from Mercyful Fate’s first North American tour in 23 years

Merciful fate kicked off their first North American tour in 23 years earlier this fall, and have so far been joined by Midnight and Kreator throughout the run. A few nights ago, the trio performed at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pa., a live music club with a capacity of 2,500.

As per, Midnight opened the evening with an eight-song set, one of which featured a naked woman dancing on stage. The German thrash legends Kreator kept the show going with 10 of their own tracks, and shortly after 21 ET Mercyful Fate took the stage and delivered 11 songs from their catalog and ended the night with “Satan’s Fall” as an encore.

Photographer based in Philadelphia Alyssa Lorenzon captured an incredible set of photos of all three bands during the night, which you can scroll through below.

Over the summer, Mercyful Fate played a handful of festival shows and debuted a new song called “The Jackal of Salzburg.” According to a new interview Metal Blade founder Brian Slagel did with The metal voice, the band plans to finish recording the song when they return home from the current tour, and it will be released digitally. It will be available sometime in the next few months and then they have another song already written that they will record and release after that.

“So there’s going to be two Mercyful Fate songs out there. We’re probably going to do some kind of vinyl thing with those two tracks as well,” Slagel explained. ‚ÄúThen we have one King Diamond album after that. And then we’re going back to the way we did it in the ’90s, where the next record will be a complete Mercyful Fate album.”

See captivating images from Mercyful Fate’s first North American tour in 23 years

Photos from Mercyful Fate’s show with Midnight and Kreator at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pa. (14 Nov 2022).

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