Philip Anselmo pays tribute to Dimebag + Vinnie Paul during Down concert

Philip Anselmo saluted the late Abbott brothers – his late bandmates i Pantherthe guitarist Dimebag Darrell and the drummer Vinnie Paul — during a performance by his group down at Virginia Blue Ridge Rock Festival in the weekend.

A month ago, Pantera’s living members confirmed that they would reunite later this year with Zak Wylde, Ozzy Osbourne guitarist and Black Label Society bandmaster, and Charlie Benantethe drummer off Anthraxinstead of the Abbott brothers.

Watch video of Anselmo’s tribute to the Pantera icons at the bottom of this post.

“This next song goes out to Dimebag and Vince,” Anselmo told the crowd watching Down’s performance at the Blue Ridge Rock Fest. (via Blabbermouth)

“I want you all to throw down,” the Pantera vocalist continued. “If you know these damn lyrics, sing this shit with me. It’s one called ‘Lifer.’

Down, which also counts Corrosion of compliance‘s Pepper Keenan and The crow‘s Kirk Windstein as members performed several songs from their 1995 album, NOLA, at the Blue Ridge Rock Fest on Friday (September 9). Anselmo also fronts Philip H. Anselmo and the Illegals. The reformed Pantera is scheduled to play Mexico’s Heaven & Hell Metal Fest, Knotfest Colombia, Knotfest Chile and Knotfest Brazil in December.

Vinnie Paul, later of Hell yes, died in 2018 from heart failure. Dimebag was murdered on stage in 2004 during a show of his and Paul’s post-Pantera act, Damage plan. Their common burial place is in their home state of Texas. Pantera finally released the studio album Reinventing the steel in 2000.

Ned, “Hail the Leaf” + “Lifer” (Live – September 9, 2022)

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