Listen to Peter Gabriel’s new song ‘Panopticom’

Peter Gabriel has released “Panopticom,” the first song from his upcoming album, in Island.

Gabriel wrote and produced the song himself, with various session musicians providing guitar, bass, drums and backing vocals. Notably, the track includes electronic elements contributed by Brian Eno.

Structurally, “Panopticom” builds slowly, with ominous synth parts driving much of the song’s early action. The drums kick in for the chorus, while Gabriel sings in his characteristic baritone.

“The first song is based on an idea I’ve been working on to initiate the creation of an infinitely expandable accessible data globe: the Panopticon,” Gabriel explained via press release. “We’re starting to connect a like-minded group of people who might be able to bring this to life so the world can see itself better and understand more of what’s really going on.”

Listen to “Panopticon” below.

“Panopticom” is Gabriel’s first original song since 2016’s “The Veil,” written for the Oliver Stone film Snowden. In the meantime in Island marks the singer’s first album of original material in over two decades.

The previous Genesis frontman will be on the road later this year, with tour dates in the UK and Europe from May.

“It’s been a while and I’m now surrounded by a whole bunch of new songs and excited to take them on the road,” Gabriel said in his statement announcing the tour. “Glad to see you out there.”

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