Perry Farrell explains why starting her career with a live album was important to Jane’s Addiction

Most bands see their audience grow after their first album is released, but before Jane’s addiction, they decided to launch their career with a live album, which is something you don’t often see in the music industry. In a new joint interview teaser from Live Nation promoting Jane’s Addiction-Splitting pumpkins trip Perry Farrell Talking to Billy Corgan about the live record, surprising the Pumpkins frontman by revealing that the live album coming first was a condition of their record deal.

During the chat, Corgan spoke to Farrell about seeing Jane’s Addiction live before hearing their first studio album, which prompted the revelation from the Jane’s singer.

“The first record I wanted people to ever hear from us was the live record,” Farrell said. “We were already signed to Warner Bros. And I told them I would only sign if we released a live record first.”

Elaborating further on the decision, the vocalist explained: “The idea [behind that] because I don’t know if they’ll ever get to hear us as raw and as energetic as we are right now. I wanted them to hear us and know us at our most honest, innocent and poorest [form], and I say that in the nicest sense, but we had nothing. We had nothing to lose at the same time, and I wanted to catch that before we destroyed it.”

Jane’s Addiction released their self-titled live set in 1987, just four months after recording their show at the Roxy Theater in Los Angeles. Of the 10-song set, only two songs would carry over to Nothing’s Shocking, which arrived a year later in 1988. Those would be the fan-favorite hit “Jane Says” and the deeper album “Pigs in Zen.” Despite the eventual success of “Jane Says”, it was not released as a single on the live album’s initial release.

Jane’s Addiction has been touring with Smashing Pumpkins this fall on the “Spirits on Fire” tour, still over a month and a half away. See about picking up tickets for the run here.

Perry Farrell tells Billy Corgan why Jane’s addiction started with a live album

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