Patrick Stump names the two Fall Out Boy albums that sound like their new ones

Fall Out Boy is back with new music and there are some who have listened to the new songLove from the other side” and think they have a good idea of ​​what’s to come from the band. But hold on! Fall Out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump has some words of caution before sharing the two records from the band’s history that he feels most reflect the sound and spirit of what they’ve created for the upcoming set, So much (for) Stardust.

talking with KerrangStump states that the rest of the upcoming record definitely differs from the single, explaining: “If people are expecting a big, loud, pop-punk record from 2007, it’s not that at all, but if you’re familiar enough with our story, I really think it feels like it’s in the thread of Infinity On High and Folie à Deux – it feels like part of that continuum. It’s not ‘Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down,’ Part 4.”

Elsewhere in the chat, Stump elaborated on the desire to capture some of the spirit they brought Folie à Deuxwhich is part of the reason they reunited with producer Neal Avron for the new album.

Stump set the scene, recalling, “Yeah! I used to work in a used record store, which is different than a normal record store, because in a used record store you see everybody’s mistakes (laughs). It’s a whole room full of failures! Because which records people sell back? Those are the ones they don’t want, so I really got to know bands’ careers and legacies and how artists ebb and flow, rise and fall. Plus, my mom is an accountant, and as an accountant you plan ahead, so there’s always been this expectation that at some point people will stop showing up. People will stop wanting to.”

Then he added, “There was something about Foil… there was an urgency to get the idea out because you might never get to make a record again, so I wanted to get back to the urgency! It has nothing to do with coming back to the style, this is not a throwback record in that way. ‘Love From the Other Side’ has elements of that, but I wanted to get back to the spirit of urgency and enjoying every moment. Neal was really great about it, saying, “We’re going to spend an inordinate amount of time placing every microphone.” Every moment was special. And I really hoped he would work with us again, because I would.”

That said, Stump says he’s happy with the album regardless of the outcome. When asked if he thought the band had made a new record that people wouldn’t want to sell back to record stores, he offered, “Yeah, I sure hope so (laughs). But I don’t really care either more! It’s one of those things that’s great when you get older, it’s like we’ve had a great run, we’ve been very lucky and hopefully I’ll get to do 20 more of these but if this is the last one, I wanted to make sure it was something I really cared about.”

Fall Out Boy’s So much (for) Stardust album will be released on March 24. Advance orders are taken here.

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