Pat Benatar delivers classic hits for Hall of Fame Induction

New honorees Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo took the stage on Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony to perform hits from their long and influential career.

They opened with a short but muscular snippet of 1988’s “All Fired Up,” pairing it with 1983’s “Love is a Battlefield.” Benatar’s first Top 25 single “Heartbreaker” followed, delivering the biggest song of the night so far.

Although Benatar is the marquee name, Giraldo has been by her side since she broke through. The two met in 1979 when the guitarist was recruited to work on her debut album, In the heat of the night. Sparks flew, both creatively and – later – romantically. Giraldo has contributed to all Benatar releases and has served as performer, producer and songwriting partner.

“I’ve been lobbying for the last 25 years to give him the credit he deserves,” Benatar said earlier. Billboard, explaining that she would not be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame if Giraldo was not included. “I’m sure we both would have been successful separately, but together is what actually made it happen and made it what it became.

“There were many, many years when it was thrown around about going in [to the Rock Hall] or not to go in,” she continued. “I was just kind of determined to go in together and it was pretty much a ‘no’ and then ‘I guess I’m not going in’ and that was it. . It’s been like this for a very long time, so I’m very, very happy that it’s going the way it is right now.’

Pat Benatar Albums Classified

Six albums reached platinum sales or better as Pat Benatar built a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame career. But which one topped them all?

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