Charlie Benante needs a drink after Pantera Tribute rehearsals

Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante has shared first pictures of Panther lineup that will deliver a series of tribute shows starting next month. He admits he needed a drink after two weeks of working together.

Longtime members Phil Anselmo and Rex Brown are joined by Benante in place of the late drummer Vinnie Paul Abbottand Zak Wylde instead of guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott. The brothers died in 2018 and 2004 respectively.

After “two weeks in NOLA with these boys,” Benante admits that “it’s been a lot of work, but how could it not? There’s so much heart and soul that goes into it. It’s all about the love for Vinnie and Dime, the fans and the music that these four created. I really enjoy playing these songs – they sound great! It’s very emotional and it’s just starting to hit me. … See you soon; I need a drink.”

Benante has previously reported that he aimed to replicate Paul’s approach as precisely as possible. “I can’t go and do this as the drummer of Anthrax,” he said. “The way I’m going to do it is if you close your eyes, it’s basically going to sound like it’s Vinnie. … The sound is going to sound exactly like him.”

However, Wylde took opposite position: “Whatever I do, it’s going to sound like me,” he said. “I can practice all I want and stay as faithful as I want, but I’m never going to escape that. It’s like if Randy Rhoads had to play Eddie Van Halen‘s ‘Outbreak’. No matter what he did, it would sound like Randy was playing, not Eddie. You’re never going to mistake Randy for Eddie or Eddie for Randy, and it’s the same here with me playing Dime’s stuff.”

The first Pantera tribute show will take place in December. 2 at the Hell & Heaven Metal Fest in Mexico, with dates running until next year’s Tons of Rock festival in Norway in June.

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