Charlie Benante shares the first photos of the new Pantera lineup from the band rehearsal

The first Panther festive shows are just a week away and the band have shared their first photos of the line-up from a recent band rehearsal to seal the deal.

The upcoming Pantera shows will see Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown joined to Zak Wylde and Anthrax‘s Charlie Benanteand will honor the legacy of the band as well as deceased members Dimebag Darrell and Vinnie Paul. The quartet’s first performance will take place next week in December. 2 at the Hell & Heaven Open Air Festival in Texicococo, Mexico, which will be followed by a handful of other festival appearances in the following two weeks.

According to a new post on Benante’s social media, the band spent two weeks rehearsing in New Orleans, La. for the upcoming shows and he also shared some pictures. It might not be the first time you’ve seen these musicians pictured together, but it’s the first time you’ll see them pictured together at the Pantera celebration.

“Two weeks in NOLA with these boys, it’s been a lot of work, but how could it not? So much heart and soul goes into it. It’s all about the love of Vinnie and Dime, the fans and the music these four created ,” the drummer wrote. “I’m really enjoying playing these songs – they sound amazing! It’s very emotional and it’s just starting to hit me… See you soon, I need a drink.”

See the post and the pictures below.

It was first reported that Pantera planned a trip in 2023 by Billboard back in July and Benante and Wylde were turned out to be fill-ins for Paul and Darrell soon after. So far, most of the performances announced are for festivals, with some taking place in Europe this spring. Only one headline show is set for December in Santiago, Chile.

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