Palisades announces breakup, will welcome back former singer for final show

New Jersey post-hardcore band Palisades, who spent a decade recording for punk and metal outpost Rise Records, have announced their breakup with a final show in their home state next month. Former longtime Palisades lead vocalist Lou Micelli Jr. returns to the last performance.

The group and Miceli Jr. shared in 2021; he had contributed to all of Palisades’ studio albums up to that point. Bassist and co-vocalist Brandon Elgar supplanted Miceli as the outfit’s lead vocalist in the 2022s To reach Hypercritical. He parted ways with the band at the end of last year. Their final Palisades show will take place at the House of Independents in Asbury Park, New Jersey, in February. 25. Get tickets here.

“Twelve years,” Palisades said in one message on social media this week. “Five friends. One last show. Words can’t describe what this band has given us all, but we’ll try. Palisades was the vessel for all our wildest dreams. We strived to write music that made you feel something , whether it was dancing around having fun or getting your eyes wide open with emotions from something you were going through. We saw the world and got to see places we never thought we would.”

They continued, “More importantly, we made a connection with all of you. We got to share our stories with you through music, and you shared yours with us at every show.”

Palisades explains that they “wanted to bring two influential pieces of Palisades history back with us to say goodbye one last time. So come join us as we close this chapter.”

The band adds: “This one is for all of you, our family. For those who watched us from the beginning in Jersey to everyone around the world. For those who turned on the radio or heard us on the internet. For those with tattoos of our lyrics and logos. For those who made custom jackets and merch. For those who drove or flew to every show, only saw us once or never at all. This one’s for you.”

In December 2021, Miceli said it was “It is with a heavy heart that I have to say that my chapter with Palisades is over. … We are all still friends and it was a difficult decision.” On Wednesday (Jan. 11), however, he got noticed that he was “glad I can close this with my brothers.”

Palisades formed in Iselin, New Jersey, in 2011. After albums such as Outcasts (2013) and Brain game (2015), Elgar replaced early bassist Brandon Reese in 2016. Palisades released a self-titled album in 2017, followed by 2018’s Erase the pain.

Palisades announces final show – Jan. 11, 2023

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