Ozzy + Sharon Osbourne to star in new reality show about moving back to UK

The first family of rock reality series is about to go in front of the cameras again, as Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne will participate Home to the Roosta new reality series focusing on their move from the US back to the UK

Ozzy and Sharon first let the cameras into their world with the early 2000s MTV series The Osbournes which depicted their LA life with then-teenage daughter Kelly and teenage son Jack. It opened the door for many other reality series to follow based on celebrities and their home lives. And the Osbourne family members have continued to pursue reality series opportunities over the years with the travel-based series Ozzy and Jack’s World Tour is among the latest reality hits.

This new series will be supported by BBCwhen the Osbourne family returns home to England. Home to the Roost will be a 10-part series of 30-minute episodes, broadcast on BBC One and iPlayer.

Not only will the series focus on their return to their rural Buckinghamshire estate, but there are plenty of other life events going on for the Osbournes. Ozzy has his new Patient no. 9 album on the way. Jack Osbourne just became a father again and Kelly Osbourne is currently pregnant and expecting her first child.

Clare Sillery, Head of Commissioning, Documentaries, said: “I am delighted that the Osbournes will share this next chapter in their lives with BBC viewers in what promises to be a funny, moving and honest insight into their new lives in United Kingdom “

Ben Wicks and Colin Barr, Creative Directors of Expectation, say: “Joining the Osbournes on their return to the UK is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Twenty years ago they shaped television for us all – now they will come home at a different time in their lives, but with the promise of the same laughter, love and tears. We can’t wait to work with them and share that with BBC One viewers in 2023.”

The Osbournes first publicly discussed the idea of ​​leaving their home in Los Angeles earlier this year, highlighting rising tax rates in Los Angeles as one of the factors to do so. “We’re leaving LA. We’re kind of sad. But the tax is going to be too much. I’m sad because I really like living and living there,” Ozzy said back in March. “If they make the taxes better, maybe I’ll come back. I don’t know.” In July, Ozzy and Sharon put theirs $18 million home in Los Angeles for sale.

Recently, Ozzy expressed his displeasure with living in the United States in general, referring to gun violence as one of his biggest concerns when making the decision to leave. “Everything is bloody ridiculous there,” the singer said The Guardian. “I’m tired of people being killed every day,” he continued. “God knows how many people have been shot in school shootings. And there it was mass shooting in Vegas at that concert [in 2017]. … It’s freaking crazy.”

The singer added: “I don’t want to die in America; I don’t want to be buried in hell [Hollywood cemetery] Forest lawn. I’m English – I want to go back. But saying that, if my wife said we have to live in Timbuktu, I’ll go. But no, it’s just time for me to come home.”

Sharon Osbourne added of the move: “It’s not [Ozzy’s health]. It’s just time. America has changed so drastically. It is not the United States at all – nothing is united about it. It’s a very strange place to live right now.”

Ozzy’s Patient no. 9 album will be released in September. 9. Advance orders are taken here. While an official start date for Home to the Roost was not revealed, it is expected to arrive sometime in 2023.

Photos: Ozzy + Sharon Osbourne’s $18M Los Angeles House For Sale

The Osbournes sell their home for $18 million and move back to England.

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