Why there’s still a good chance Ozzy Osbourne could be knighted

Australian Black Sabbath fan Helen Maidiotis has tried to get Ozzy Osbourne knighted since anyway 2013. Although she received additional support 2014 – as well as tried again in 2019 – it has yet to happen. Fortunately, however, she has a new reason to believe that it is still possible.

Last Thursday (January 19) Maidiotis tweeted an image of a promising letter she received from the British government regarding her quest. Specifically, it came from Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Honors Team and it reads:

As you know, Mr. Osbourne has been under consideration for an honor for some time. Unfortunately to date he has not been successful. As I’m sure you will appreciate, there is extremely fierce competition for the very limited number of prizes available. The fact that Mr Osbourne is not recognized by an honor does not mean that his contribution is not appreciated. With around 1,000 awards available in each round, and perhaps six or seven times as many nominations, it is unfortunately not possible for every candidate, no matter how valuable their service, to be successful.

However, I can confirm that his case remains under consideration at this time. If you have additional supporting information you would like to share with us, please feel free to do so. Then we can ensure that his case continues to be dealt with thoroughly and thoroughly. However, as we have previously explained, unfortunately we cannot give any guarantee for the final result or schedule.

You can see her tweet below:

To date, her Change.org petition has secured nearly 35,000 signatures, and she posted the following response/explanation on the website on Jan. 19: “Last night I received this response from the Cabinet on her behalf and as you can see from the response it is not quite what we were hoping for but it is still one positive response Nevertheless. We mean it still has a chance as ‘he is still under consideration’.”

She continued:

What we need to do now is keep pushing for signatures and do everything we can to keep spreading the word. Contact your radio stations and online music sites etc to write articles about the need for this to happen for Ozzy Osbourne. The more we push for media exposure, the better our chances of success! So get started today, share the petition link, and contact your local radio stations, online entertainment websites, etc.! Let’s get it done for Ozzy once and for all! Thank you for your continued support over the past decade! It is highly valued.

As for Ozzy, he’s been pretty busy despite his recent physical ailments. For example, he donated a signed Gibson SG electric guitar to Julien’s Auctions (as part of their annual MusiCares Charity Relief Auction, which takes place on Sunday, February 5th in Beverly Hills, California) He has also been gear up for a new reality show – Home to the Roost – which will revolve around his and Sharon‘s move back to England from Los Angeles.

Of course, these are just a few of the many reasons why he deserves to be Sir Ozzy Osbourne, right? So if you’d like to join Maidiotis’ cause, make sure you do sign her petition ASAP!

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