Ozzy Osbourne and Joan Jett appear in the Workday Super Bowl ad

The Prince of Darkness and The Godmother of Punk will also get some screen time during the Super Bowl Ozzy Osbourne and Joan Jett appears in an advertisement for Workday.

It’s the first time the business-focused, cloud-based software vendor has made an ad for the big game, and they chose to go with a rock star theme for their debut spot.

In a teaser for the ad (which you can watch below), two co-workers whisper about “the new guy” who is “going to be some kind of rock star.” The camera soon reveals Osbourne at a nearby desk, asking which of his colleagues would like a piercing.

The theme is also evident in another teaser clip, this time with a musician Gary Clark Jr. As a businesswoman leaves her office, she turns and compliments her colleague, saying, “You’re a rock star!” only to have both the official and Clark Jr. say thank you

Jett was not featured in any of the commercial teasers, although she is confirmed to be part of the Super Bowl spot. A press release also noted that “a few more well-known rockers” will appear in the Workday ad.

Osbourne is no stranger to Super Bowl commercials, having appeared in several of them in the past. In 2011, former Black Sabbath frontman starred alongside Justin Bieber in an ad for electronics retailer Best Buy. In 2003, Ozzy appeared with the rest of the Osbournes in a spot for Pepsi.

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