Ozzy reveals what part of the new song he improvised in the studio

There are professionals at work Ozzy Osbourne‘s Patient number 9 album where some of the biggest names in rock history collaborate with the Prince of Darkness on his latest effort. During a recent appearance on SiriusXM’s Ozzy’s Boneyard to promote the new record, producer Andrew Watt revealed exactly how both Ozzy and guest guitarist Jeff Beck were able to lift the album’s title track out of their own improvisation and dedication to their craft.

For those who have heard the title single “Patient Number 9”, there is a lot going on in the intro with what sounds like multiple voices and conversations layered over the opening moments before Ozzy sings, but it was all actually Ozzy providing the various spoken parts over the course of three improvised takes.

“We had this long intro and Ozzy wrote this incredible song over it, but it was a long intro without Ozzy, so it’s a long time to not hear our guy,” Watt says. “So he wrote the song about a mental hospital, and I just said, ‘Can you talk a little bit about the track,’ and he said, ‘Okay.’ One take, all that crazy shit. And then he said, “I think I can make one more, two would be cool [voices],’ then another take. Exactly as you hear it. And then he said, ‘I just want to fill in some gaps and the third track, that’s the intro. Three in a row, no thinking, that’s the intro.”

Co-album guest guitarist Zak Wylde then cracked: “That’s actually what I hear from Ozzy’s dressing room every time we’re on tour. To me, it just sounds normal.”

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But the inspired thinking on the field didn’t just stop with Ozzy. Watt also shared his excitement about working with Jeff Beck on the song, noting how the guitar great’s own dedication continued to elevate what fans are now listening to on the track.

“I talked to Jeff and he was just so open and it’s a pretty complex song. The idea started with Robert Trujillo started, and that intro is a 12-string bass,” Watt recalls. “So we created these two kind of solo sections, one that’s the really heavy part, the first one, and then the one that’s over the acoustic guitar finally. . So he was just like, ‘What am I going to do?’ And I thought, “Rip on the first, melodic on the second.” That’s all I really said.”

“The guy repeated his solos four or five times,” Watt added. “He kept doing it, sending it back to me and wanting to say, ‘No, I can do this part better,’ and he kept pushing himself. I didn’t have to tell him anything. The whole was from him saying, ‘I’ll make another, I’ll make another, I’ll make another.’ He just kept elevating himself. He’s a true champion and just listen to what he did.”

Ozzy was quick to credit Watt for his dedication to putting the album together as well, joking about his ability to pull in the big names. “He calls them and I bet they’re like, ‘Who the hell is this?'” snapped Ozzy, who later explained his shock when Watt was able to drag Eric Clapton in for a guest tour. “We got Jeff Beck and Andrew said, ‘What about Eric Clapton?’ and I said, ‘No, I don’t want to be pushy.’ So he called Eric Clapton and he said, ‘Yeah,’ and I said, ‘Fuck me, man!'”

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Ozzy Osbourne’s new album, Patient number 9will be released on Friday (September 9) and is currently available for pre-order here. You can watch the video for the title track below, as well as catch part of Ozzy’s Boneyard album special on SiriusXM in the clip below. To hear the full Patient number 9 Album Special, tune in to SiriusXM’s Ozzy’s Boneyard channel starting at midnight ET tonight (September 8).

Ozzy Osbourne, Andrew Watt and Zakk Wylde talk with Billy Morrison for SiriusXM’s Ozzy’s Boneyard Patient number 9 Album preview

Ozzy Osbourne with Jeff Beck, “Patient Number 9”

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