Enjoy the signature Ozzy Osbourne burger at the metal-themed restaurant

A signature Ozzy Osbourne hamburger prepared by Grim ‘Em All, the rockin’ Southern California metal-themed burger joint, is coming soon. It is to commemorate the release of Patient number 9, Osbourne’s latest solo album. The album was released earlier this month.

To introduce the burger, a 25-foot inflatable Ozzy that has traveled the world to promote Patient number 9 will be on display in the restaurant on Oct. 1 from 11am to 4pm PT.

See the Ozzy burger at the bottom of this post.

Grill ‘Em All, which started as a food truck, now rules the Alhambra area of ​​Los Angeles with their crazy burger creations. Proclaims proudly “Death to fake burgers!” Grill ‘Em All boasts an entire menu of tasty burgers based on metal bands.

The place already has burgers based on Behemoth, Dee Snider, Napalm Death, High on Fire and Metallica. More information on the signature Ozzy burger is expected soon.

To celebrate the release of the burger and rocking new record ‘Where is Patient Number Nine’, the 25-foot inflatable Ozzy will invade Valhalla from 11am to 4pm! Burger details to come. Follow along on our Instagram!
Disclaimer – real Ozzy will not be there.

It’s something sweet… beef. And the crazy thing is that there are even more metal-themed burgers from around the world. See a selection of them below the Ozzy burger picture!

Patient number 9Osbourne’s 13th studio solo album, contains the singles “Decomposition rules“with a guy Black Sabbath alum Tony IommiNothing feels right“with Zak Wyldeand Jeff Beck– assisted title number.

Grill ‘Em All’s Ozzy Burger

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