Ozzy Osbourne didn’t want to make an ‘All-Star’ album

Ozzy Osbourne said he never liked albums that feature a guest artist roster like his new release Patient number 9.

It has given him the highest chart positions of his career – including No. 3 in the US, No. 1 in Canada and No. 3 in the UK – with big name contributors including Tony Iommi, Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and other. But in a new interview with Stereo gumOsbourne noted that he was “honored” when most of the musicians were contacted by the producer Andrew Watt agreed to participate.

“Andrew suggested them and I said, ‘I don’t think they’d bloody want to play on an Ozzy Osbourne record!'” he recalled. “I was very surprised. Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck are two amazing guitar players … and what they did was amazing. And Tony Iommi, it was the first time he played on an Ozzy record. Since I’ve been out of this spinal problem, he has been very supportive and that has been nice.”

Osbourne addressed his initial doubts, saying: “To be completely honest with you, I wasn’t a big fan of all-star records because they get too fucking much, you know? But Andrew did well. I previous records of people who have all these celebrities on their record, musically, it lacks a spirit, with all the overplaying that people do. The reason I used Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton was because they know how to plays just enough.”

Asked about his history of recruiting prominent talent as his lead guitarists, Osbourne noted that “when you have a crap one, the band is crap! But when you have someone who shines… . Jake E. Lee was a fucking great guitar player, and as it happened, Randy Castillo, my old drummer, was starting to turn on him. It was very sad because I had no qualms with the guy. He was a great guitarist.”

He added that Zak Wylde was “always there for me” and “a member of my family,” and also discussed Randy Rhoads. “The one thing… I’m forever grateful for is the time he spent with me,” he explained. “He didn’t sit in the recording booth and give me some melody to do over what he was playing, whether I could do it on stage or not. Then you’d get this thing that you couldn’t do on stage. But he’d say, ‘It would be better if you could sing it in this key,’ you know. He was very patient.”

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