Diane Warren received an Oscar nod and an honorary Oscar in the same award year: Who else has?

Diane Warren achieved something remarkable on Tuesday (Jan. 24): She was nominated for an Oscar in the same award year she received an honorary Oscar.

The reason it’s so significant is that every member of the Academy’s music division—whose votes decided the nominations—knew that Warren had just received an honorary Oscar at a prestigious event in Century City, Calif., on Nov. 19. There was no urgent reason to recognize her again so soon.

So the fact that she was nominated for her song “Applause” from Tell it like a woman says a lot about the depth of support for Warren in the academy.

We already knew about that support. This was her 14th nomination for Best Original Song – a total matched by only seven other songwriters in Oscar history. And it’s the sixth consecutive year she’s been nominated, the longest consecutive streak of nominations in that category since Alan Bergman and his late wife Marilyn Bergman were nominated six years in a row from 1968-73.

These are impressive statistics. Here’s another one: Warren is just the fifth person in Oscar history to receive a competitive Oscar nod in the same award year that he or she received an honorary Oscar. Warren is the only person from the world of music to do this. You probably know two of the former double recipients. The other two you may not know, but we’ll fill you in.

First, let’s get something straight: Warren’s last Oscar nomination was announced in 2023, and if she wins, she’ll receive the award in 2023, but the award is for the 2022 awards year, according to the Academy’s official records. This is also how her honorary Oscar is listed. So it all ties together.

Here’s a list of all five people who received a competitive Oscar nod in the same award year that he or she received an honorary Oscar.

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