Rock’s 22 Ugliest Bandmates on Stage Blowups

Any partnership – musical or otherwise – is prone to drama, but battling it out in front of a crowd of fans definitely takes things to another level.

Driven by various combinations of ego, drugs, booze and cockiness, rock stars rarely shy away from confrontation. In some cases, band-to-bandmate feuds have turned violent. That was the case with Kinkswhen drummer Mick Avory attacked Dave Davies during a show, smash a cymbal over the guitarist’s head. Likewise, a fight on stage between members of WHO left Keith Moon with a black eye and stitches.

Of course, not all outbursts on stage have resulted in blood. Words can also do harm, as proven by Axel Rosewhich embarrassed and enraged him Guns ‘n’ Roses bandmates in front of thousands of fans when he openly revealed their rampant drug use.

The infamous broken relationship between Oasis brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher has resulted in many confrontations on and off stage. And while most of the public fights were verbal assaults rather than physical, Noel has admitted to wishing the two had ended their relationship in a spectacular altercation under the lights.

Some blowups on stage have marked the end of a group’s run. Such was the case for Eagles, Soundgarden and Everly Brotherswho each broke up after arguments during the concert.

Then there’s the matter Peter Criss. That Kiss drummer ended his initial tenure by sabotaging their performances and did something similar — even more destructive — more than 15 years later to end his second stint with the group.

We break down these stories and more below in a list of rock’s nastiest bandmates on stage blowups.

Rock’s 22 Ugliest Bandmates on Stage Blowups

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