Offset encourages Cardi B to use his phone on a date

Offset have shown him and cardi b are a regular couple, just like everyone else, after he called her out for using her phone while they were out on a date night.

Earlier this week, Set and Cardi were out to dinner at a restaurant when The Bronx native had her phone out while waiting for someone to help them. The former Migos member took it upon himself to record his wife checking her phone in public to see what happens during a night out.

“When you’re going on a date with you, you’re going on a date with Apple,” Offset said, as Cardi replied, “I’m looking at the menu.”

Offset said she set it up and she set it up before he recorded her because she knew he was going to do it. “Take her out, she’s coming with him though,” Offset ended the video.

The two are not afraid to show that they are a regular couple like most others. In December, Offset and Cardi B took a trip to Jamaica to celebrate the Atlanta native’s 31st birthday.

Footage of the birthday vacation showed the Hip Hop power couple enjoying their time with clips of Offset enjoying the blue water and him and Cardi taking a ride in a golf cart.

Cardi B & Offset Scheme On Dream House

All the latest dates come after Cardi B revealed in November that she has had a difficult time trying to lift Offset’s spirits follow TakeOff’s tragic murder. According to the leader of the Bardi gang, she does not want to talk about what her family is going through because people will try to turn it around and say they want sympathy.

“I feel like if I talk about the incident so desensitized, I feel like if we talk about how we really feel or what the muthafuckas really went through, you’ll start saying, ‘Oh, sympathy,'” said she. “And we don’t want any sympathy. We’re not a charity case. But no lie, I’ve felt so hopeless trying to make my husband happy.

“I’m trying to make him smile, seeing him cry randomly, seeing him trying to completely distract his mind, schedules changing, trying to keep up with work after everything he’s been through the last few weeks. We’re not in the mood to play with you all. I’m going to kill you all. Stop fucking playing.”

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