Dave Sabo explains why ‘None of Us’ in Skid Row will reunite with Sebastian Bach

It’s a new year and if 2023 is anything like 2022 it will be filled with more reunions, just don’t count on it Skid Row to reunite with the classical singer Sebastian Bach in a minute. And luck is a big factor.

“It’s not even part of any kind of thought process,” Sabo says of the reunion idea in an interview with We go to 11 that took place in September (transcript via Blabbermouth).

“This is Skid Row,” he asserts, voicing support for the band’s current lineup, “And that conversation is 23 years old.”

At the moment, a Swedish singer fronts the band Erik Grönwallwho joined the group last year and contributed to their new record, The gang is here. He is the fifth frontman the band has had since splitting up with Bach (Skid Row went on hiatus after firing Bach in 1996 and returned in 1999 without him), but only the second to be featured on new music, the other was the late one Johnny SolingerWHO died in 2021 and held the role from 1999 to 2015.

Continuing his thoughts, Sabo continues, “And I have no desire to… I’m not interested; neither of us are. It comes down to happiness and we’re really, really, really happy where we are and how the band sounds and feels. I love playing our music and I love playing it with the guys we’re playing it with now. So I wouldn’t change that. I’m in a great place personally and I think We are all in a great place as a collective.”

Skid Row’s members have in recent years expressed little interest in welcoming Bach back, at least not since a ill-fated attempt to restore dialogue between both camps in 2015.

Bach, meanwhile, has celebrated his time in Skid Row by embarking on an anniversary tour behind the group’s first couple of albums – the 1989 Skid Row and the 1991s Slave to the Grind.

Catch Skid Row on their co-headlining tour Buckcherry in the spring from 9.-31. March at these dates. For tickets, head here.

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