Oh, Nik Nocturnal found AI generated metal that actually sounds good

Nik Nocturnal is ready for the brave new world of metal songs created entirely by artificial intelligence. In a recent video, the heavy metal influencer digs around the internet to find the best AI-generated metal.

Surprisingly – or perhaps not surprisingly – he warms to a particular style of AI-generated metal in the virtual form of djent, the rhythmic progressive metal epitomized in the real world by the Swedish headbangers Meshuggah. So how does AI fare?

Watch the video at the bottom of this post.

After a long search, Nocturnal surmises, “The others were kind of funny. This one is actually insane if it’s real. Motherfucker created the AI ​​servant, and it actually sounds good.” (via Metal vacuum cleaner)

He continues, “Some of you may be listening and saying, ‘This doesn’t sound good.’ Sure. But you’ll say you don’t understand the precedent this sets. This is just the beginning, and it’s only going to get better from here. It’s not a thing yet; it’s just a guy who did this. It did I. don’t expect it to be that good.”

It might not be a thing yet, but it is definitely coming. After all, AI is “already writing compelling music,” which Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda said so last year. Shinoda was a ground-floor investor in a startup called Authentic Artists, an AI-generated music platform.

Watch at 2:45 in the video. Hear the AI ​​girl below.

Nik Nocturnal listens to AI generated metal

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