Nickelback guitarist doesn’t think releasing a heavy song is ‘unusual’ for the band

Nickelback have been teasing a new song lately called “San Quentin” and based on the teasers, it’s quite a bit heavier than what many might expect from them. However, guitarist Ryan Peake doesn’t think the style of music is “unusual” for them, considering they’ve played with different sounds over the years.

After sharing several snippets of “San Quentin” on social media and launching a mystery sms campaign behind it, Peake and front man Chad Kroeger opened up a bit about the song during a new interview with WRAT’s 95.9 The Rat. It will serve as their first bite of new music since 2017 feed the machine, and the rockers said they really took their time to perfect this follow-up as much as possible.

Given the sound of the song, which apparently leaning metalcoreWRAT host Robyn Lane asked Peake and Kroeger if they thought people would know it’s Nickelback.

“I think as soon as you hear my voice, honestly, it’s kind of a giveaway,” Kroeger said, laughing.

“It’s funny, we’ve heard it quite a bit. It’s actually interesting because I think Nickelback fans would know that for sure,” Peake added. “I don’t think it’s unusual, that type of song, for us… It’s not necessarily indicative of the whole album, but as far as rock goes, it’s a heavy rock song. And if you’ve seen us live, you can totally probably get that too. I think it’s nice, I like that people feel it’s a surprise that we could write or we could have those kinds of rock songs in our repertoire.”

The song is titled “San Quentin” after the San Quentin State Prison in Northern California. Kroeger thought of naming a song after the prison after he met the warden at a party a few years ago and spent a good deal of time talking to him.

“The whole time we were talking, I’m talking to this guy, but in my head all I could think was, I want to write a song called ‘San Quentin’. That was it,” the singer recalled. “I stuck it in my phone and when the riff was down, I think I screamed this line: ‘Can someone please keep me out of San Quentin.”

Watch the full interview below.

Nickelback guitarist doesn’t think releasing a heavy song is ‘unusual’ for the band

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