Chad Kroeger explains why rockers shouldn’t care if fans smoke weed at shows

In case you are wondering about Chad Kroeger gets mad at you and yells at you for smoking weed on one Nickelback show, he won’t. In fact, he would prefer you blow the smoke in his direction.

get started is the latest album from Nickelback, and it was released just last Friday (Nov. 18). One of the pre-album songs, “High Time,” is an uplifting country-rock track about smoking weed and road tripping across the U.S., so it’s safe to say that the members of Nickelback are fans of the plant.

A few weeks ago, Bruce Dickinson got really upset during one Iron Maiden concert and actually shouted the fans in attendance, who were smoking marijuana. He said the smoke bothered him and the bass player Steve Harrisand asked people to have a “little bit of respect” and smoke outside the venue instead.

Well, that won’t be the case at a Nickelback show. talking with Loudwire nights host Toni Gonzalez, Kroeger pointed out a few reasons why artists shouldn’t be mad at their fans for smoking at their concerts.

“No, I usually say, ‘Blow it this way,'” the singer said, laughing. “You see, if I walk across the stage and I have the microphone, I turn around and go, ‘Wow, there’s something that smells really good right here!’ I mean, yeah, that’s what rock concerts are supposed to be. You’re supposed to get a little bit of it.”

“Well not only that, we’ve been shooting off so much pyro and the chemicals I’ve inhaled from it… Ew. It’s way worse than someone exhaling a little bit of pot smoke at me, it’s not a big deal,” he continued. “It will only make the show better!”

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