Phil Collins’ son Nic joins the Mike and the Mechanics Tour

Genesis guitarist Mike Rutherford announced it Phil Collins‘ son Nic will play drums on his 2023 Mike + the mechanics tour dates.

Nic, 21, took his father’s place for Genesis’ last reunion tour after health problems sidelined Phil Collins unable to play. Instead, he sang lead vocals from a seat and retired after their last performance in March.

Announcing the mechanics Refueled! tour dates, which includes shows in Germany and the UK from April to June next year, Rutherford said: “We are delighted to have Nic on the tour. … He has proven over the last five years what a versatile and fantastic drummer he is really is, so having him on the road next year will be a real treat.” He added that Gary Wallis remains the band’s official drummer, adding that “it’s unfortunate that he’s not available for this particular tour.”

Nic commented: “I’m thrilled to be taking on drumming duties on the next Mechanics tour. Playing with Mike over the past few years has been a real treat so I’m excited to continue sharing the stage with him with the other Mechanics members. … I feel privileged to step in for Gary Wallis, who has been with the band for more than 30 years. Another big pair of shoes to fill!”

Preceding Genesis’ The Last Domino? turn, Rutherford praised Nic’s contribution to the trials, saying that he was “kind of way ahead of us” and therefore helped speed up the process. “But the thing with Nic [is] he may sound like Phil. So when you do some of these old songs, it’s interesting – they go back to how they were when we did them on the albums, which was just pretty fun for us. … With Nic there as opposed to Phil, it didn’t feel much different from a game standpoint.”

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