A new pinhead debuts in the first ‘Hellraiser’ reboot trailer

A new Pinhead rises. Or is it a new Pinhead travelsIn this case?

For the first time in four years there is a new one Hellraiser movie, this one will be streaming next month Hulu. The film is perhaps most notable for its newly recreated version of Pinhead, the series’ signature villain, played most often by Doug Bradley in the old films. The character has been constructed for this film (although, you know, still with the pins in his head and whatnot) and played by Reason 8 and The L word: Generation Q‘s Jamie Clayton.

The film’s official trailer gives a pretty good look at the new design, which is just as creepy as the old one:

Hellraiser (Official Hulu Trailer)

Of the new designs and the new movie, series creator Clive Barker earlier said:

After seeing some of the designs from David Bruckner’s new Hellraiser film, they pay homage to what the first film created, but then take it to places it’s never been before. This is a Hellraiser on a scale that I simply did not expect. David and his team are steeped in the mythology of the story, but what excites me is their desire to honor the original even as they revolutionize it for a new generation.

There’s also a new poster for the movie featuring Pinhead.

The rest of the cast in the reboot includes Goran Visnjic, Odessa A’zion, Brandon Flynn, Drew Starkey and Hiam Abbass. Here is the film’s official trailer:

In the all-new “Hellraiser,” a young woman struggling with addiction comes into possession of an ancient puzzle box, unaware that its purpose is to summon the Cenobites, a group of sadistic supernatural beings from another dimension.

Hellraiser premieres exclusively on Hulu on Oct. 7.

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