Watch Neal Schon Perform on ‘America’s Got Talent’

Neal Schon appeared on America’s Got Talent Wednesday evening and performed Trip classic “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

The guitarist played the song together with the 2019 winner of the America’s Got Talent, pianist and singer Kodi Lee, and singer Teddy Swims. You can watch their performance below.

Schon recently recalled the experience of making “Don’t Stop Believin’,” which came out in the 1981s Escape. “Jonathan [Cain] wrote the text “don’t stop believin'” with Steve [Perry],” Schon said Guitar world. “But it was a phrase that his father had given him when he was trying to make it in the music business and not having much luck, I think. His father said, ‘Don’t give up, son.'” It kind of came out of that. “

“Don’t Stop Believin'” used some different songwriting tactics than one would typically expect for a rock song, Schon explained. “For the first time, you hear a chorus on the outro,” he said, “which was completely against all the laws of nature in that period—and now—if you want to try to get a song on the radio. The saying was, ‘Don’t bore me . Come to the chorus’.”

But Schon said he could tell right away the song was going to be a success. “When the song was done and the mix was almost done, I turned to everyone in the room and said, ‘I think this song is going to be huge,'” he recalled. “They put it out as a single and it wasn’t that massive – but then it ended up being massive. It just took a long time for everyone to catch up!”

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