NBA YoungBoy former affiliate enters plea deal in murder case

NBA YoungBoy‘s former OTS affiliate Lil Pap has accepted a plea deal in connection with a murder that authorities say sparked a long-running feud with another local crew.

According to The lawyerLil Pap (real name Deandre Fields) was accused of killing fellow Baton Rouge, Louisiana artist Gee Money in September 2017. NBA YoungBoy was close friends with Gee Money and once performed with his label, Top Boy Gorilla (TBG), but the two fell out when YoungBoy struck out on his own to launch his Never Broke Again imprint.

Things escalated when Gee Money (real name Garrett Burton) released a song that contained “derogatory lyrics” about YoungBoy’s sister. Authorities in East Baton Rouge say the rift escalated from a rap feud into a years-long, full-scale gang war sparked by Gee’s murder.

Prosecutors representing the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney said Monday (Jan. 23) that the subsequent killings even ended their case against OTS Lil Pap when a key witness to Gee Money’s slaying was arrested on an unrelated second-degree murder charge in July 2020 .

“This arrest created a serious problem for the successful prosecution of Deandre Fields, as the state’s eyewitness has been charged with a homicide himself,” District Attorney Hillar Moore said in a statement. “There was no other direct information other than some circumstantial evidence that proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Fields was responsible for this murder.”

Lil Pap, who previously went by the name NBA Lil Pap, was initially charged with second degree murder and was scheduled to go to trial this week. He faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted.

Instead, he pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of accessory after the fact to murder under a new indictment that stated he was simply in the car with a group of people that included Gee Money’s killer. Authorities allege Lil Pap also helped the shooter afterward.

Moore said his office had no choice but to offer the plea deal since it would have been nearly impossible for them to prove Pap was the actual perpetrator.

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“In the circumstances, the state was in no position other than to resolve this case under the circumstances,” he added. “My office has discussed these issues with Mr. Burton’s family before accepting this plea.”

OTS Lil Pap was sentenced to five years in prison, which he will serve concurrently with a three-year sentence he received last year after being convicted on a federal weapons charge.

The 28-year-old maintained his innocence even as he appeared in court to enter the plea deal. But when the prosecutor pointed out that he could not plead guilty and continue to maintain his innocence, Lil Pap said, “It’s in my best interest to accept the plea.”

Aside from his relationship with victim Gee Money, NBA YoungBoy was not involved in OTS Lil Pap’s case in any way.

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