Mystikal’s lawyer is confident that the rapper will be acquitted of rape

The lawyer who represented Mysterious on rape and kidnapping charges that were dropped in late 2020, said Thursday (Aug. 4) that he is once again representing the 51-year-old rapper — and is confident he will once again be acquitted.



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“I think there’s no chance this will go to trial,” Joel Pearce said as he drove back to Shreveport from the Ascension Parish Jail in Gonzales, where he met with Mysterious (real name: Michael Tyler).

Tyler, who served six years in prison after pleading guilty in 2003 to sexual assault, was arrested Sunday on the charges accusing him of raping and strangling a woman at his home on Saturday.

Pearce represented him in December 2020 when prosecutors in northwest Louisiana’s Caddo Parish dropped rape and kidnapping charges that had kept him in prison for 18 months.

On Tuesday, Mystikal was denied bond at what is called a “72-hour hearing”.

State District Judge Steven Tureau said the evidence against the rapper, his past history and the victim’s fear met the standard to hold him without bail.

“There was no evidence from my client’s side,” Pearce said. He said he will request a full bond hearing where evidence can be presented.

Defense attorney Roy Maughan Jr., who had asked for bail to be set at $250,000, said The lawyer after Tuesday’s hearing that Tyler likely would not appeal the bond decision.

Maughan is no longer on the case, Pearce said. He said he is working with Timothy Yazbeck of New Orleans, who worked with him on the Caddo Parish case.

He said he will also ask for what is called a preliminary investigation. Tyler “hasn’t been indicted, so we get to try the state’s case. It’s a little mini-trial,” Pearce said.

Mystikal, who grew up in New Orleans and now lives in Prairieville, is accused of assaulting the woman, taking her keys and holding her against her will, according to an arrest warrant.

“He never threatened her, never choked her,” Pearce said.

Sheriff’s Detective Garrett Keith testified that the woman went to Tyler’s home Saturday night to talk about alleged financial obligations he had made to her.

According to the detective, Tyler’s behavior reportedly changed abruptly after he went into the bathroom and returned: He accused her of stealing cash, choked her and pulled her hair.

Keith also said she had many cuts and bruises.

“I’d like to see the actual medical report,” Pearce said.

He said he will also look for a protective order that Tyler told him was granted against the woman about eight years ago.

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