Sir. Big Reunion is ‘Definitely Gonna Happen’ in 2023

Sir. Large Lead singer Eric Martin has confirmed that the group will reunite and tour in 2023.

“Mr Big it’s definitely going to happen, there’s no doubt about it,” Martin revealed during an interview with The metal voice. “It will happen in the middle of 2023 (summer). There are going to be more dates.”

The singer further noted that Mr. Big’s original guitarist, Paul Gilbert, and bassist, Billy Sheehan, would be involved. Pat Torpey, the band’s drummer and backing vocalist, died from complications of Parkinson’s disease in 2018. Martin admitted that he and the group had decided on a replacement for their 2023 run, although he stopped short of revealing the new drummer’s identity.

“We have this new drummer,” Martin admitted, describing the mystery musician’s audition tape as “phenomenal.” “I don’t want to mention the guy’s name until the press release comes out. But the guy really stepped up and everybody knows him, and then a really really cool thing is he was a big fan of Pat Torpey. I think Pat , he would approve of this new mysterious man.”

Although Martin avoided revealing the identity of the new drummer, he did confirm that it will not be Matt Starr. The musician whose work includes stints with Ace Frehley and Kevin Dubrow, played drums on Mr. Big’s 2017 album, Defying gravityand toured with the group in support of the LP when Torpey was unable to perform.

Sir. Big’s last concert took place in August 2018. The band – known for hits such as “To Be With You”, “Just Take My Heart” and their interpretation of Cat Stevens“Wild World” – previously considered a “proper goodbye” holding concerts in 2019, but such plans did not materialize at the time.

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