Top 10 Songs Motley Crue has not played on Stadium Tour 2022

There is no way to take care of over 40 years of Motley Crue music for a 90-minute show.

But that’s exactly the challenge the band faced when they came up with the set list for their 2022 Stadium tourwhich finds them to change the headline spot every night with Def Leppard on a bill that also includes Married,, Joan Jett and Blackhearts and classless law.

The tour’s early shows have found that Motley Crue delivered sets wisely focused on their biggest and most beloved hits. It’s hard to argue with more than one or two song choices. But we can be greedy and ask for more, right? So here are the 10 songs we would add to Motley Crue’s 2022 set list.

10. “Hell on high heels”
From: New tattoo (2000)

When Motley Crue’s original lineup plays live, they completely ignore the two albums from their back catalog, which featured replacement band members. So “Hooligan’s Holiday” or something from John Corabi-before 1994 Motley Crue album seems to be excluded. But perhaps an exception can be made for “Hell on high heels?” It was the first single from the 2000s New tattoowhich featured the late Randy Castillo, who temporarily took over Tommy Lee on drums, and it has the most catchy, most arena-clear chorus of any Crue song since 1991’s “Primal Scream.”

9. “Take me to the top”
From: Too fast for love (1981)

It’s almost four decades ago – nov. 19, 1984, according to – since Motley Crue last played this Too fast for love pearl live. It’s a perfect example of how the band effortlessly mixed punk energy, metal riffs and pop smarts right out of the gate. Two other songs from the band’s originally independently released debut album, “Too Fast for Love” and “Live Wire”, have been featured on every show on the Stadium Tour so far, and “Piece of Your Action” was also played at the opening night.

8. “Everything in the name of …”
From: Girls, Girls, Girls (1987)

Motley Crue’s original lineup released seven studio albums together. The only one who has so far not placed any songs on their 2022 set lists is 1997’s confused, difficult to conceive Generation pigs. It’s a wise and logical exclusion, and overall the band has done a good job of selecting the best and biggest songs from their other six albums. But to be greedy for a moment, it deprives us of the chance to hear the gems like “All in the Name Of …”, which was a hugely effective opening song on the Girls, Girls Girls tour.

7. “Knock ’em Dead, Kid”
From: Shout at the Devil (1983)

Despite being their universally acclaimed masterpiece and the album that first made them stars, Shout at the Devil has so far been represented with only two songs on Stadium Tour 2022. Adds this story from real life of how Nikki Sixx was arrested for choosing a fight with a rocker gang that turned out to consist in part of undercover cops is a good place to start. It was reportedly last played live on nov. 8, 2000 in Osaka, Japan.

6. “Without you”
From: Dr. Feel good (1989)

Despite being the band’s second highest hit single ever, it reached No. 8 back in 1990, “Without You” has yet to appear on Motley Crue’s 2022 Stadium Tour set charts. It seems that there is only room for one power ballad in the band’s otherwise uptempo 90-minute set, and the course “Home Sweet Home” will be the king of just that mountain for the rest of eternity. “Without You” was played on about a quarter of shows on the band’s 2014 farewell tour.

5. “On With the Show”
From: Too fast for love (1981)

Motley Crues’ debut album may be best remembered for anthems such as “Live Wire” and “Take Me to the Top,” but the band showed early on an ability to tell compelling stories and the ability to create more complex moods on songs like “On With the Show.” the former Frank Feranna Jr. artistically “killed” his former self after cutting ties to his real father and legally changing his name to Nikki Sixx.

4. “Fool of the Year”
From: Saints in Los Angeles (2008)

It’s now over 14 years since Motley Crue released their latest brand new studio album, Saints of Los Angeles. The title track seems to have achieved a firm place at the band’s shows, but the same cannot be said of “Fool of the Year.” The song was played at almost every show on Motley Crue’s “Final Tour” 2014-15, but has not yet appeared this time. It’s a shame because it’s one of the album’s more successful attempts to update the band’s original sound.

3. “Louder Than Hell”
From: Pain theater (1985)

“Louder Than Hell” performed live at about a third of shows on Motley Crue’s (not really) farewell tour, “Louder Than Hell” is one of the best blasts of old-school riff rock of the 1985 transition period Pain theater album. This is another understandable cut considering the reduced set list times on the Stadium Tour – maybe we’ll hear it again next time.

2. “Too young to fall in love”
From: Shout at the Devil (1983)

We get into the really painful exclusions now. Released as the third single from Shout at the Devil, “Too Young to Fall in Love” pairs an all-time riff with a chorus that is perfect for arena singing. Plus the band’s current stage design is a perfect match for the song’s sword fight video.

1. “Red Hot”
From: Shout at the Devil (1983)

It’s almost nine years since Motley Crue delivered this Shout at the Devil highlight live in concert. Given the song’s relentless drumming, it may not be the best for Tommy Lee’s broken ribs at the moment, but we hope they will break it out again at some point in the future. While we daydream, what about a drunk Shout at the Devil ready to celebrate the album’s 40th birthday next year?

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